The 17 Biblical Principles of Success

Rick Whitted

Rick WhittedRicardo “Rick” Whitted resides in Orlando, FL with his wife of almost nineteen years and their three children. He received his B.S. from Stetson University, and his M.B.A. from Nova Southeastern University. For more than two decades Rick has worked in the banking industry. Starting as a part-time bank teller in college, he gradually advanced the National Small Business Manager for a prominent U.S. financial firm. With a gift for identifying and developing talent, Rick has consistently built top performing teams throughout his career. As a result, he has received national recognition and awards from his employer repeatedly.

Stepping away from the financial industry briefly in the mid-90s, Rick owned and operated his own business in South Florida. Along the way, he has amassed dozens of young and seasoned professionals a like, that claim him as a personal and professional mentor.

He is candid about what it takes for professional development, personal growth and building a lasting life story through what you do. His counsel is sincere, direct, simple and leaves one without excuses. It is based on two core principles:

“Be real honest with yourself if you want to grow. Most people judge themselves on their intentions (or feelings). Everyone else judges you based on your behavior.”

“You don’t have a right to be developed. You have a responsibility to develop. The person most accountable for your growth is you.”


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