The 17 Biblical Principles of Success

Kevin McNulty

Kevin McNultyOn the professional front . . . I’m a speaker, blogger, personal development coach, and  the author of, The Gap Between Two Worlds . . . Turning Difficult Life Transitions Into Personal Growth Experiences. I’m also the Founder of HumadynLife Skills Institute.  At Humadyn (Huma-dyne) we specialize in soft-skills training and development such as leadership, customer service, team-building, conflict management, diversity, and other topics dealing with human & workplace dynamics.

My background . . . I come to my current endeavors with a pretty eclectic background.  I proudly served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force.  Much of that career was in the field of human relations–helping commanders, managers, and front-line employees deal with people issues.  I also had the great privilege of serving in a diplomatic capacity at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Later in my career I was among a few professionals to become an Air Force facilitator for the Franklin-Covey Leadership Center.  In this capacity, I coached and facilitated Covey’s renowned programs including The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People, What Matters Most, and Principle Centered Leadership.  I have a Bachelors in Communications and Masters in Business Communications/Leadership and Influence.

On a personal level . . . I’m a husband (to Jane) of 28 years and father of a son and two daughters.  I’m a Christian on a spiritual journey, thus involved in my church.  I enjoy watching, playing and coaching a middle-school tennis team.  I LOVE golden Retrievers.

My Travels . . . Having grown up as a military brat–and then spending 20 years in the Air Force–I’ve lived all over the world.  That is, all four corners of the US, Puerto Rico, Bavaria and Frankfurt, Germany, and in Tel Aviv, Israel.  I’ve traveled to 49 states and over 25 countries–both for work and pleasure.  Traveling continues to be a big part of my life.

My spice of life . . . Now here’s a little twist to my life.  I grew up with an incredible attraction to music and the arts–thus grew up in HS band, drama, choir, garage bands, and community theater.  More, I grew up imagining that one day I would be a superstar entertainer.

However, after joining the Air Force I thought my dream had died.  But early in my military career I shockingly discovered an Air Force entertainment group called Tops In Blue.  It’s a long and fascinating story of struggle and triumph, but I eventually had the great privilege of touring and performing with this international group.  We performed for the troops all over the world along with many notably venues such as Las Vegas, Disney World, Niagara Falls . . . and even for the Superbowl XIX Halftime Show.

And the best part of Tops In Blue?  It’s where I met the love of my life; who was also a performer.  After our touring days, Jane and I got married and began writing, producing and directing our own musical productions–to which we still do about once a year.

It all comes together . . . The culmination of my personal and professional lives has in fact built my professional platform.  My stories and unique life experiences come with me to the stage when I speak, to the blogs and books I write, and to my coaching sessions.  This is how I relate, empathize, understand, and connect to audiences and clients.  Rarely do I come in contact with someone and not find a commonality.  It allows me to start, facilitate and participate in deep and meaningful conversations.

As a speaker and coach . . . Branded “The Conversationalist” I facilitate artful and meaningful conversations–whether that be in my coaching, workshops or keynotes.  I’ve learned that within any audience there is tremendous knowledge and insight.  As such, with every audience I often approach speaking like a gold miner digging for those nuggets that change lives.  People love to be engaged and contribute to meaningful conversations.  So that’s what I do . . . bring meaningful conversations to the platform.

I’m a gifted storyteller . . . and so I use stories to help make sense and to bring emotion to the message at hand.  I don’t tell jokes, but I do use good humor.  I laugh at myself and help audiences laugh at themselves.  I bring a high-energy, interactive active and entertaining presentation style; always with the goal of helping audiences to think deeper, see clearer, and make important steps toward their personal, professional and business endeavors.


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Purchase A Copy of 17 Biblical Principles of Success

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