The 17 Biblical Principles of Success

John Storm

John StormJohn’s primary passion is personal and organizational transformation – serving as a catalyst to help people and organizations reach their potential. He uses his unique and diverse life experiences from work, school, church, travel and family to create innovative experiences for others. His background as a communicator, entrepreneur, marketer, and idea catalyst enhance his ability to lead organizations through product development, strategic planning and change management. John has extensive experience in leading small groups and teams in a variety of settings. He is a thorough, insightful facilitator who enthusiastically guides the process of planning and brainstorming. John is a lifelong learner and opportunity thinker who loves to gather and synthesize information from a wide variety of sources. He brings incredible energy toward helping people StormBrain ideas and organize them into a comprehensive action plan. John has traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad and transfers the experiences of global cultures, paradigms, and people toward innovative thinking. He is also an experienced public speaker and writer.


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