The 17 Biblical Principles of Success


Jim Rhode

Jim RhodeJim Rhode, BME, CSP,
has developed and presented hundreds of seminars and workshops on practice administration and professional marketing for over three decades. The thousands of progressive physicians and dentists, spouses and staff members who have heard Jim speak agree he provides a stimulating, yet practical future orientation.

From his years in industry as a long-range planner, Jim brings to the dental profession scores of practice-building techniques and the motivation for timely implementation. His extensive business experience includes team building, financial analysis, operation streamlining and long-range planning.

A member of the Society for Advancement of Management and President of the National Speakers Association, he was honored with the prestigiousArizona Entrepreneur of the Year award for 1990. Jim’s professional speaking engagements have taken him to all 50 states and 15 foreign countries. In addition, he is the publisher of Practice Smart: Dentistry’s Marketing and Management Newsletter and co-author of Marketing for People Not In Marketing and Celebrate Marketing. Jim’s philosophy is best summarized by the proverb: “Any enterprise built by wise planning…becomes strong through common sense…and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts.”


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