The 17 Biblical Principles of Success

Cassandra Perkins

Cassandra PerkinsCassandra Perkins is a eighteen year old Spoke’s Model and Columnist for BYOU “Be Your Own You” magazine. Cassandra is a Co Author, Public Speaker (Tedx, Radio and TV), Certified Internet & Mobile Safety advocate, Actor and Stunt Girl. She is an active member of Youth 4 Parker, a young town council committee that coordinates community outreach. She works closely with and volunteer’s her time for several non-profit organizations such as The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Project Cure, The Denver Rescue Mission, and Project Sanctuary. She also coordinates community youth outreach for suicide and bulling prevention as well as cyber safety awareness.

Cassandra has co-authored in several books. The first titled “Lift As You Climb,” a collection of warm-hearted and insightful stories, inspirational poems, and positive thoughts. The second titled “Young Entrepreneur world How 25 teen-Trepreneurs Succeeded and left World Leaders Scratching Their Heads” being profiled and sharing her story about her Journey and success. Cassandra began her acting career on the theatrical stage when she was 5, and by the age of 10, had blossomed into a fine young actor, with several IMDB credits to her name.

Cassandra feels strongly about making a difference in the world with her Internet talk show “Global Voices Reaching Out” and radio show “Behind the Mask with Cassandra Perkins” as well as her impressive list of guests including, best-selling authors, politicians, artists, and many others who are powerful influences of today. Her goal is to inspire, lift, motivate, and provide tools for change and growth to make a positive impact that will empower others to live a purpose-driven life.


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